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Lirik Lagu Peak

Wasn’t I enough?
Didn’t I amount to you?
I don’t blame you for the love
That I lost to you
It will take time
A lot of heartache too
But I was in love
I thought you were too

No one compares, if I’m honest
I’ve beaten myself blue
I wish you could’ve been honest
Instead of trying to look cool

Did I breathe? Did I?
Did I sleep?
Did I eat?
Did I cheat? Did I?
Did I do something wrong?
Did I hit the peak? Did I?
Did I feel?
Did I steal?
No, I didn’t do anything but love

Now we get along
That’s just what we have to do
But I know every song
Sang out my heart for you
I’ve gotta stay humble
And you have to too
It was the hope, he crumbles
Where it once stood tall

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