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Download lagu MP3 Maybe yang dibawakan oleh Estelle gratis tapi hanya untuk review saja sebelum membeli CD atau kaset yang asli atau bisa juga membeli file MP3nya secara online di iTunes atau situs musik legal lainnya.

Lirik Lagu Maybe

How do I stop myself from
Falling in love with you
When I’ve already got a man that
Swears that his love is true

Oh you just can’t tell me
This isn’t anything
But the more time we spend together
The more that I start to sink

This ain’t love thats starting to make me fall
And if this ain’t lust then I dont know what’s going on
And if you fall I know where to catch you babe
I’m taking time, so I can say this the right way

Stop think and maybe,
We could fall in love, oh this is crazy
Leaving that other guy that called bye?
Heart feels like I’m bleeding inside, I could cry

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